Dream Drawings Project: A Dream A Day / A Drawing A Day

(A daily project of dream-inspired drawings)

Because of my experiences with creative dreamwork, I know how the special feeling that creating something from your dreams can bring. So it was an easy decision to make a series of drawings that were inspired by my dreams: one every day.

I made this series of drawings from January 1, 2019 at home at my kitchen table, in order to maintain a creative flow, while looking for a new workspace to continue my larger projects.

In May of the same year it became increasingly difficult to continue this routine, and gradually it slowed down, until it stopped. But a series of more than 100 drawings, is still a series of more than 100 drawings.

Please click on the photos to see the full drawing.

Materials used: paper, pencil, watercolor, fountain pen, colored pencils ...

Dimensions: 10.5 x 14.8 cm.

A selection of these drawings have been printed on high quality paper.


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