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I Nearly Flew! - Huis der Zotheid, Rotterdam

In February 2020 Huis Der Zotheid in Rotterdam showed a selection of my dream inspired drawings .

October 2019: De Veste Verlicht - Goes
Schermafbeelding 2019-10-04 om 10.08.18.

Four embroidery works from the series "The Anatomy of Angels" were shown during the Veste Verlicht festival in Goes. You could see my work in the window of the bookstore De Koperen Tuin; two peep boxes were displayed inside the shop.

September/October 2019: Art Kattendijke

Art Kattendijke is an art festival in Kattendijke, The Netherlands.

2019 was the third edition of this event and showcased the work of about thirty artists, both locally and regionally.


This edition was different because the works of all participating artists had become integrated in an enormous cardboard installation, a "gesammtkunstwerk" created by Luk Sponselee and Werner Klompen.

EEF festival

"May I draw your dream?"

I asked this question to every visitor during the Eindeloos Eiland Festival in Noord-Beveland, the Netherlands, in 2019.

I would make a drawing from a visitor's dream, or if they didn't feel like it, I would sketch their portrait or make a coloring picture.


More information about the festival:



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