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De Sirenen van Schokland

The Sirens of Schokland - a site inspired soundscape

Former harbor of Schokland, 2002


“De Zuidpunt: truly not an enviable place to live. Where the only thing one sees, is air and water, the only thing one hears, is the roar of the storm and the lapping of the waves.”


I came across this text on the former isle of Schokland, and it became my starting point for making a soundscape for the outdoor exhibition “Gedroogde Haven” in the old harbor of Schokland, that now looks out to a sea of farmland.


I let my imagination run free about what else could have been heard, and composed my soundscape from that: other sea creatures, the singing of the islanders, to finally arrive at the seductive singing of mermaids.


During the exhibition the soundscape could be heard through speakers on the pier.


Total duration: 9'24 ”.




De Sirenen van Schokland - Magdeleen van Eersel
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