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Binnenzee (Inner Sea) - Here Comes The Flood

Site-specific installation, part of the art manifestation EEJ! in Goes Oost in 2023

Van Mellestraat, Goes, 2023

In a neighborhood in the town of Goes that was planned to be demolished and rebuilt, artist André Smits took up residency in one of the houses.

Over time, the people in the houses around him moved out; and André invited artists to make work for the houses that stood empty, turning a potentially problematic area into a place that people loved visiting.

He also painted the facades with words, sometimes from the original residents, in other cases (like mine) the artists were allowed to choose the words.

When I was invited, I chose to show the sea indoors - both reminiscent of a painful part of the province's past, and a threatening future. Or maybe it's my own inner sea.

Materials: cotton, nylon thread, screw hooks and 2 tripod lamps

Room dimensions: 2.5 x 3.5 x 7 meters (hxwxd)

Binnenzee Magdeleen van Eersel Goes 2023


Van Mellestraat 6 Goes, facade, behind the window the installation Binnenzee/Here Comes The Flood

Binnenzee/Here Comes The Flood; at night 


Binnenzee/Here Comes The Flood; close up

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