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Natuurgebied Gouverne


A site inspired brochure

In 2002 I was invited to contribute to a contemporary arts festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, which took place in and around the City Arts Centre, on the corner of the Gouvernestraat and the Nieuwe Binnenweg. 

Instead of developing an object or installation, I decided to write a story about an imaginary nature reserve, called Nature Reserve Gouverne. A place where nature takes over the city, in a supernatural, dreamlike way.


I added photo collages, based on photos of the Gouverne Street, and some funny thought-up quotes of famous writers, and presented the whole as a brochure, in a limited edition of 400, which was spread among festival goers and local inhabitants.


Text & images by Magdeleen van Eersel, 2002

Graphic Design by BeeldAcht/Edwin Smet

Commission by CBK Rotterdam





Brochure "Nature reserve Gouverne", front

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