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Dream Inspired Drawings

In 2019, I made a series of drawings (in pencil, ink, water colour), inspired by what I had dreamed of the night before. The complete series can be found here.

A selection of these drawings has been printed, in their original size, on high quality paper: Innova Smooth Cotton High White, 315 grams.

Each piece is a unique, artist's proof print, which comes signed and framed as shown in the example on the right.

The wooden frame measures 30 x 24 cm.

Each print costs € 100,-, frame included. 

Postage & packaging are not included.

If you wish to purchase one or more of these prints, please contact me here.

Please let me know in your email both the title and the date of the piece you want to purchase.  

Please notice: colours may differ slightly from what you see on the website. 


IMG_9248 light nog eens bewerkt.jpg

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