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MMXVI - In Festis Sancta Maria Magdalenae

Site-inspired, a collaboration with Kees van Eersel and STEIM

An Interactive musical installation. 

Grote or Maria Magdalena Church, Goes, The Netherlands. 


The installation consists of sixteen speakers, attached to the sixteen pillars in the nave of the church. Sixteen separate voices sing through the speakers, a sixteen part composition by the artist's father, musician Kees van Eersel, in celebration of Mary Magdalen. 

These voices (all recordings of the same singer) are only audible when a visitor walks between the pillars, and activates the sensor-triggered speakers.
Having to keep moving in order to keep the voices singing creates a whole new way of experiencing not just the music, but also the beautiful architecture of this mediaeval church. 

Concept & vocals: Magdeleen van Eersel
Composition: Kees van Eersel
Musical support: Henny van Eersel
Technical realisation: STEIM
Electronic engineering: Byungjun Kwon
Sound engineering: Kees van Zelst
Graphic design: Edwin Smet

Supported by
STEIM Amsterdam
Culturele Raad Goes
Edwin Smet
and many others

An impression of what the installation looked and sounded like, in the Grote of Maria Magdalenakerk in Goes.

The complete recording, all sixteen voices singing simultaneously, can be found on Soundcloud.

If you want to support the artist AND have better sound quality, please order the CD!

The CD contains both this piece and a recording of the actual installation in the Grote or Maria Magdalena Church. The CD comes with a booklet with lyrics and translation in Dutch, English or French. 

Copies are available at €15,- plus postage. 

If you'd like to purchase one or more copies, please let me know via my contact page

Also, please let me know your preferred translation .

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