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Over Magdeleen

Photo: André Smits. From his Artist In The World series , 2014

Photo: Hein Verwer, 2011


Magdeleen lives in Wilhelminadorp, a small village in the province of Zeeland, together with her husband and child. Her studio is in Middelburg.


After a few years of studying general linguistics and English at Utrecht University, she began her studies of the fine arts in 1996 at the Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Den Bosch. In 1998 she continued her studies at the Academy St. Joost in Breda.


She has been working as a professional artist since 2000, and has since shown her work in several group shows as well as in a number of solo-shows.



As multi-faceted and free as one's dreams can be, that's how Magdeleen works. And although her works seem fairly accessible at first sight, like dreams, they are just as elusive, causing wonder in the viewer, and inviting them to look closer and ponder their meaning.


Magdeleen's sources of inspiration as well as her choice of subjects, vary from abstract ways of presenting colour and sound, to music, dreams, mythology and the human condition.


Magdeleen feels strongly that the idea dictates the type of material, size and technique. Combined with a broad interest in subjects and techniques, this way of thinking has led her to create a multitude of different types of works: site inspired installations, embroidery, painted objects, soundscapes, books; all of these in materials as different as wax, wood, fabric.


She prefers to work with materials that are warm and gentle to the touch. Besides these, light and sound (mostly her own voice) are never far behind.


She often combines her techniques and genres into new forms; in 2014 and 2015 she blended performance art with song and theatre, presenting herself as Fortune Singer Aiuóla, improvising a new song for each visitor who came to see her in her caravan. 

Since much of her inspiration comes from dreams, it is not surprising that Magdeleen followed intensive training in the art of dreaming. You can find more about her work as a dream guide on her website:

In addition to her work as a visual artist, she works as a voice-over. Find her demos and more on her voice-over website:

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